Lee H Pappas
A brief background

I fell into the world of magazine publishing accidentally and produced nine titles with a stellar group of coworkers. It was hard work but tremendous fun.

In the mid 2000’s I had a pretty good idea that the internet would ravage print, so I moved to video game design and mobile applications, then 10 years later combined all my talents to get involved with healthcare software.

• My first personal computer: MITS Altair 8800B, 1976
• #1 Atari computer store in New England, ANALOG, 1979
• Launched leading Atari computer magazine, A.N.A.L.O.G., 1980
• My first email account, via CompuServe, 1981
• I am on the net, 1994
• My first website, 1996
• See Publishing for more info on those

This site is a descendant of a personal website I started in 1996.

I most recently worked at Interbit Data and was involved with healthcare solutions for hospitals.