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Home Theater Builder

A monthly magazine for designing and building a home theater. I founded and published HTB, my 9th consumer electronics magazine. I wanted the magazine to save as useful source in every facet of home theater design and contraction to I had it printed in an oversized format, 9′ w x 11″ and on premium matt paper.

I always disliked the incongruous look in magazines where they grabbed images from wherever, frequently for free. So I hired an illustrator to render every image we used in the how to projects, that way the magazine had its own style and flowed better. So you can see from the illustration below they have the same style. As I did with my previous magazines, we were bringing hi-tech to everyone, so we had to apply UI to the magazines. Looking at the images below it’s not difficult to figure out what’s going on.

Many of the articles were written by well-known home professional home theater designers and installers, people who created home theater for celebrities, professional athletes, heads of state. It was a fun magazine to product though a tremendous amount work. We attracted all the big players for advertising in HTB.

“Anatomy of a Home Theater” explained key areas such as sound absorption, projector housings, flooring, seating risers, ceiling look and construction.
“Sight Lines” covered seating placement, distance, platforms, projector height, etc.
“What you hear is what you get” discussed speaker placement using seating locations and reflection points.